Jana Axline Factoids

29-Dec / WiT / 0 COMMENTS

Met my husband swing dancing.
Produced tv commercials locally.
I have a slimy food complex. Oysters? Can you say “gross”?
I had a LinkedIn post go viral last month – over 42,000 views
I was homeschooled for 3 years in high school
2014 was the first time I tried brussel sprouts.
As a child I used to sneak around the neighborhood with a friend with walkie talkies “investigating” people
For my last birthday I choreographed the “history of my life” in dance (which can be found on YouTube)
I didn’t get kissed by a boy until I was 19
Since 1997 I have not lived in the same home for more than 2 years

Here is the link to my book, Becoming You, on Amazon