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Wit Girls and Guns pic 
Centennial Gun Club

Friday, February 26


Ladies, it is time to have some fun & adventure! Join Women Inspired Together for an explosive evening filled with guns, girls, connection and new experiences!
Details and Link for tickets HERE
Limited Spaces Available Grab Your Ticket Now
***This event is for Seasoned & New Shooters
Last Day to Purchase: Wednesday Feb. 24th!!

See you there!

Jamie & Leslie


Lifestyle Spokesperson, Founder
Jamie G. is a Fitness Lifestyle Spokesperson, an International Fitness Presenter, Choreographer & Model that holds her B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science. She has worked with major companies such as REEBOK as one of their Global Fitness Ambassadors and Project Consultants. She is passionate about sharing Out of the Box Living, through authentic connections, trends for today, fitness & food, spiritual accelerations, & adventure encounters! She has been featured on TV, multiple fitness videos/commercials & is a freelance writer for fitness & lifestyle publications.


Authentic and True, Founding Leader
Leslie Gustafson is an Individual, Marriage and Sex Therapist and Coach who has been supporting, empowering and helping women and couples grow for nearly 25 years. She is Co-Author, with her husband Doug of the book Amazing Intimacy – Create A Spectacular Marriage In and Out of the Bedroom, A How to Guide for Love, Sex and Passion. In addition, they blog for the Huffington Post. A TV Personality, Leslie can currently be seen regularly on FOX 31 Denver’s Everyday Live Show sharing insights and inspiration. An Artist, Mother, and Grandmother who loves Jesus, great wine, food, skiing and dancing, Leslie is impassioned, delighted and grateful to be able to give back to women what she has learned on her career and life journey to date.



Anna Jensen Factoids

29-Dec / WiT / 0 COMMENTS

1. I have a total of 5 titanium plates and a 46 screws in my body due to multiple horseback riding accidents 2. I secretly want to be an acrobat and circus rider in Cavalia 3. I am obsessed with Italy and lived there for a year 4. My favorite ...


Jana Axline Factoids

29-Dec / WiT / 0 COMMENTS

Met my husband swing dancing. Produced tv commercials locally. I have a slimy food complex. Oysters? Can you say “gross”? I had a LinkedIn post go viral last month – over 42,000 views I was homeschooled for 3 years in high school 2014 was the first time I tried brussel ...


Lilly Cortes-Pona Factoids

17-Dec / WiT / 0 COMMENTS

10 Factoids about Lilly Cortes-Pona: She was the queen of the Hispanic Community in her hometown, Bayonne, New Jersey. She lived in FL for 10 years and cannot wait to have a second home in Marco Island, FL. Lilly loves beaches, palm trees, coconuts, pineapples, tropical flowers, and all things ...


Sarah Harmony-Powell Factoids

08-Dec / WiT / 0 COMMENTS

Sarah Harmony-Powell Factoids 1. I just finished my first 13.1 miles (half marathon!) in August. Ask me who my running partner was! 2. My first speaking gig was at 16… I felt called to speak a message of spreading the Word of God to my church congregation of over 150 ...


Rebecca Barth: Factoids

08-Dec / WiT / 0 COMMENTS

Rebecca Barth: Factoids 1. I’m allergic to camping. And cleaning. And cooking. A tough day in the kitchen includes having to pass out all of the take-out bags by myself. 2. I’m not allergic to caffeine. Every day starts with a cup of joe….or else. 3. Addicted to couponing. And ...


Leslie’s Factoids

06-Dec / WiT / 0 COMMENTS

10 Random Facts I thought it would be fun when I was 8 years old to pull the school fire alarm, but was mortified when I did, and the fire department came to the scene. At 18, I was saved by Jesus. It was/continues to be radically life changing for ...


Jamie’s Factoids!

17-Nov / WiT / 0 COMMENTS

1. I am a kinesthetic person! I enjoy life by experiencing it throughout my whole body and by movement. 2. I am a Colorado native, 100% German girl that created a Latin fitness program called Latin Blaze®. 3. I eat chocolate pretty much every day of my life. 4. I ...




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